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Successful optimization of the Power BI project

Increase in usage rate by 90%, reduction of deviations to under 1%, introduction of self-service BI.

I was able to achieve a great success for the CFO of an international building materials manufacturer! When the project was stagnating and trust in the data had been lost, we sat down together to identify the challenges and find solutions. I conducted a thorough requirements analysis (again), interviewed users, and reduced the number of reports to better control the processes. Often, there were 10 to 15 dashboards reporting on the same topic because old Excel reports were simply copied, and each user requested their own reports.

To better meet the users' needs, we introduced a self-service system that allows them to respond to their requests more quickly and efficiently. The simple and intuitive user interface greatly simplifies the identification and fulfillment of information.

Our efforts paid off: we increased the usage rate by 90% and the report opening rate by 146%. We also increased the number of active users from 4 to over 40, reduced deviations from 40 to under 1%, and shortened the reporting period in the sales area from monthly to daily. Finally, all newly created reports are now the most frequently used reports.

It was a challenge, but we worked hard and came together as a team to achieve a successful optimization of the Power BI project. I am proud of what we have achieved and I am confident that our improvements will also contribute to a positive development in the future. #PowerBI #Success #Optimization

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